New Year New Identity

As I sat watching the New Year fireworks on TV whilst feeding my 6 week old baby boy, I found myself thinking about just how much my life has changed.

Little one had managed to time his feed so that we could see in the new year together, just me and him, and as I pulled him close I thought just how lucky I am to be sharing this moment with him. It was only earlier that day he had demonstrated just how testing a new born can be, pulling off a spectacular meltdown at the supermarket tills (a place where you are literally trapped like cattle, the only thing to do is to continue moving forward until you get to the green grass aka the car).

The past few weeks have been a bit of whirlwind, doing a constant mental ticklist of clean bottom, full tummy, is he too hot, is he too cold, cuddles cuddles and more cuddles, burping, playing white noise, YouTubing nursery rhymes and singing like Charlotte Church to Wheels on the Bus, sterilising bottles, the endless visits from family and friends, and of course attempting to get out the house for coffee and cake with the mums and babies.

It was only a few years ago that I spent New Years Eve with my friends in Times Square watching Teighlor Swift performing live, wondering if she’d actually eaten anything that week as I scoffed a slice of deep pan pizza and danced with strangers in the freezing cold. Not much has changed there – I still eat greasy carbs and dance like an idiot but now I do it in my pyjamas, in the lounge, whilst similultaneously juggling a baby, swapping a vodka coke for a cold cup of tea and my jam is The Animals Came in 2 by 2 – horrah!

As I enter 2018 with a new identity as a Mum, I enter it with a beaming smile. Yes having a baby means putting yourself last, yes you are completely sleep deprived and when a child-less friend says they’re tired you look at them with daggers as if to say love you have no idea, yes you are probably covered in sick and haven’t washed your hair in longer than you’d like to admit, but would we have it any other way? Abser-bluddy-lutely not. Being a Mum is the best and despite having pushed a watermelon out the size of a ping-pong sized hole only weeks ago,  and the many evenings where the only thing that will calm my baby boy is hours of bouncing on the ruddy pregnancy ball, I can 100% say it’s all worth it. Happy 2018 everyone, it’s going to be quite the year. Cheers!

*insert picture of me pretending I’m down with the kids on NYE with a blue wkd*

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