Baby Cinema – our trip to Odeon Newbies in Coventry

Well this was a new experience. Cinema AND baby…how could this possibly work I asked myself. Won’t he hate it? Won’t I spent 95% of the time trying to shhh him and miss the entire film? Well it turns out that when the screening is exclusively for parents and babies, everyone knows what it’s like to deal with a grumpy little tike and instead of getting judgey stares you find yourself having a bit of a giggle with another mum across the stairway. So who cares if yours decides to join in the sing-a-long mid film. Which was more than appropriate as the film we went to see was Pitch Perfect 3.

I packed my changing bag for every eventuality: milk, bottle, five hundred muslins in case of spewage, blanket, spare outfits, nappies etc. and opted to pop the sprog in the Caboo sling for hands free ease. I hoped he might go to sleep as he likes being in there and that way I’d actually get to see some of the film. I have to say the boy done good (!) and other than waking for a feed my 8 week old little lad virtually slept through the whole thing. Definate success.

Things that I thought were great about baby cinema at Odeon Coventry:

  • Tickets only £5, babies free – bargain
  • Plenty of space to spread out, so can easily use seats inbetween everyone for all the baby toot.
  • Escalators and lifts from the street entrance and car parks so easy for prams
  • Baby changing facilities in the toilets outside the screen
  • Free parking IF you can find a space. Odeon is on the 7th/8th floor, I got to 13 and, not knowing how many levels there are, decided to head back down. My friend ended up successfully parking on the 18th floor and I assume got the lift. Would have been quicker to parachute down.
  • I’ve just read on their site that the sound is a bit softer than in a usual screening. I did think it wasn’t as bellowing, but couldn’t work out if it was because of all the gurgling, burping and farting going on in the background – and that was just the mums…

Hope you enjoy my cheesy video of our first cinema experience!

Here’s the link to the Odeon Newbies:

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