All Things Sensory

There’s a lot of talk about baby sensory amongst the world of Mums and child development so I thought it was about time I took Zac to see what all the fuss was about!

We went over to a local sensory room that we hired out (as opposed to a structured class) along with a couple of other mums and babies. This allowed us to explore everything at our own pace, which given Z’s sightly unpredictable nature of late seemed like a great plan. I was super keen to introduce him to this sensory malarkey because like many newborns, he is obsessed with lights and anything that looks like it might have the potential to glow (this includes light bulbs that aren’t even on…oh babies🙄!).

We spent A LOT of time laying next to a groovy set of mirrors on zigzag squishy triangles, as we have now discovered little one enjoys staring at himself. I’ll definitely be buying some play mirrors for home as this was a big hit. He was also mesmerised by a big water cylinder that bubbled and changed colour. Little (plastic) fish bobbled up and down in it and i’ll admit that I quite enjoyed looking at it too. The whole room was very soothing with white walls and moving multi coloured lights. There was a little black tent in one corner and a big bean bag in another for the babies to lay on and explore. Fluffy feathers, floating balloons and scrunchy fabrics were scattered around for the little ones to feel against their skin and hear the sounds they made.


Zac was so calm throughout the time we were there and going by some of the rather challenging days and nights we’ve been having it was just so nice to see him enjoying the whole experience. I came away with the inspiration to turn the entire house into one massive fish tank equipped with lava lamps and bubble machines but I fear the other half might have something to say about this. We’ll absolutely be doing some more sensory sessions in the near future so I’ll make sure to write about the new things we discover. A massive yes to the fascinating world of baby sensory 😃



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