Sleeping Beauty And the Sleep Thief

“I might just have a nap, standing up, holding the baby” said a lady next to me one coffee morning. Before you ask, yes she was joking and no, that’s probably not advised – but dear lord have we all thought about it at some point in time.

How was your night? – possibly one the most reoccurring questions that crops up in our ‘mum group’. Being able to share the trials and tribulations of the previous evenings antics is quite refreshing when you are surround by other women that are in your camp. Z has just had his 3 month birthday, and now that we have reached the magical 12 week stage I can confidently say that the two hourly wake up calls have started to subside. I visited my Mum’s for a few nights a couple of weeks ago and the little angel slept over 6 hours in one stint. I couldn’t quite believe it. All this foreign surroundings, unfamiliar atmosphere chat that I had so often heard about (and had therefore made me a tad anxious as I started the evening bath, feed, cuddles routine) seemed to completely unphase him. Only to return home and go back to the 11pm, 2am, 4am, 6am malarkey. As they say, just as you think you’ve cracked something, your baby takes a good look at you, laughs, and then moves the goal posts.

sleep meme 1

What really fascinates me is how some babies are complete Sleeping Beauties, sleeping through from the moment they were brought back from the hospital, whilst others like to have a rave when the sun goes down, completely robbing their poor parents of any rest – and there we have the Sleep Thief. No amount of baby massage, lullaby singing or white noise apps helped us in the early days, Z was just being a newborn and wanted to tell us all about it. Baths have become less traumatic now and we even get a cheeky smile with some impressive leg kicking. We’ve found that not only does this knacker him out, but it starts the bedtime routine off to a good start. I sometimes find myself thinking how chaotic and brilliant bath times will be with a few more sprogs, chuck them all in the tub with grubby faces and enough bubbles to replicate the Eastenders launderette. Anyway, as much of an effort as it can feel at times (especially after a long day), a bath every evening seems to be having a good impact on the night ahead.

zac bath

By talking to other Mums I have come to the conclusion that there is never any harm in trying new techniques (whether that be structuring your day and sticking to specific times or going with the flow and taking cues from the little ones) as long as you go in with an open mind, expect the worse and hope for the best. We are currently managing to get Z down before 8pm which gives us a bit of an evening as a couple, and then 2 night feeds around 1am and 4am. He’s an early riser around 6am but I’m learning to embrace the early starts and am looking forward to the light mornings. With any luck he will drop one of these night feeds, but I am aware we are edging dangerously close to the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. I am going to pretend it doesn’t exist for now…

I really feel like I am dancing with the devil by writing about sleep whilst it’s going well, but I might want to look back at this in a sleep-deprived state to remind myself that there is hope!

On a side note we have been using Gaviscon for the reflux for over a week now and I can see a real change in how Z is during and after a feed. I won’t lie, I am excited by the prospect of weening as I hear solids can really help reflux babies so I will be sure to write about our first spag bol up the wall experience.

(Good) Night x

sleep 3

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