Upton House in the Snow

The Beast from the East hit our county pretty hard this month, and after a few days of staying inside playing (exhausting mummy’s creative energy) we were finally able to venture out in the snow. Upton House is around a half an hour drive for us, so I checked the National Trust website to see if it was open and it reassured me it was usual Sunday opening hours. Yay. Now, baring in mind we had managed to get a 4 month old baby ready along with ourselves and successfully driven through the country lanes without any issues, you can imagine how annoyed we were when we arrived and the car park was chained off. There was no sign saying it was closed, but the solitary little car parked outside the gates didn’t look promising.

However, if we had made it this far I couldn’t see why the grounds would be shut, so I did some minor investigating and decided we’d go all Bear Grills and explore with the carrier anyway.

The house looked stunning surrounded by snow and although it was super cold, we wrapped up warm and decided to embrace the English winter weather. I brushed away the snow covered map like a magical scene from a Disney movie and off we went around the grounds.

Despite my initial enthusiasm for going off piste and risking the potential trespassing, we were met by a rather stern looking lady in the gardens who asked if we could leave as the site was closed…due to the awful weather. I had prepared my motherly rant explaining how ridiculous it is that our country goes into lock down over an inch of snow, and if we had managed to get there I’m sure many others could too (along with the justification of paying monthly membership) but who wanted to listen to that. So we played the ignorance is bliss card and moseyed on back to the car. When it snowed earlier in the winter little Z was only a few weeks old and so in fear that he might literally freeze to death we went into lock down and stayed inside in the warm. So to be able to get out with him to experience snow for the first time was so much fun. He was fascinated by all the white stuff and how bright everything was. As much as I love the winter, I’d be lying if I’m not looking forward to some sun. Roll on summer!


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