Our week at Elveden Center Parcs

Mention Center Parcs to your friends and it will generally divide the group. Usually those who can’t think why anyone would want to spend an entire week in a man-made village in the UK, and those who revel in the thought of a week riding bicycles in the woods. Until 3 years ago, I probably fell somewhere in the middle. Then I met Zac’s Dad and was dubiously dragged along on the annual family holiday to Center Parcs. I fell in love with the place, and ever since I’ve looked forward to one day taking our own little sprog there.


Last week that day finally came when we took our 5 month old little boy on his first holiday to Elveden Forest. I was super excited about going away, firstly because holidaying with the sprog was going to be a completely new experience and secondly because having the extended family in tow would mean mummy and daddy would get a bit of a break!

After tetris-style packing everything bar the kitchen sink into the car, we set off on our 3 hour journey. The Easter traffic was a bit mad and after a few stops to feed and change little one, we successfully arrived in Thetford for our 5 day holiday. Instead of blabbing on about what we got up to, i’ll let the pictures do the talking. Center Parcs is incredibly family friendly, and for those of you thinking of taking little ones I’ve taken photos of all the children-specific small touches that I feel make all the difference. We had a fab time and can’t wait to go back soon!


Main Pool Area


swimming pool
Zac’s first swim!
adventure cove
Adventure Cove
zac sleeping
Nap time
Clean, spacious changing facilities
Cots in the pool area
Sports courts
Soft play
Supermarket baby section
Free baby food, microwave and bottle warmer

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