Welcome to my blog – Princess and the Sprog! Last November I gave birth to Zachary James, and boy how life has changed. The idea of this blog is to write down as much as I can about motherhood, holidays, stages of life, the good days and the bad days, so that one day (when I’ve sat down and actually managed to drink a hot cup of coffee in peace) I can look back and appreciate just how crazy life can be raising little people, and smile at all the silly things that I have jabbered on about. I try to include as many photos as possible in my posts, mainly because I’m a tiny bit scared I’m going to blink and my baby is going to be 18. I know this sounds so cliched and slightly pathetic, but I’m being honest. I aim to be mildly funny, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so i’ll let you be the judge of that. Thank you for visiting my blog I hope you enjoy reading the posts!